Auction Terms

Before a transaction is done, we require ID, national security number, watch receipts and certificate for everyones safety. As a Buyer, you will have a physical or digital meeting with the Seller, and you will both sign a legal binding Purchase Agreement. 

Audemars Club acts as intermediary between the Buyer and Seller (hereafter the Parties). We assist through all the steps, including the transaction process. We provide guidelines, but it is between the Parties to negotiate the terms. Preferably, the Buyer receives the full winning bid amount up front, otherwise an escrow service will be used. For exports, the watch should be shipped fully insured with UPS or Ferrari GroupThe verification of the watch and due diligence is the Buyer's responsibility, but managed by Audemars Club.


  • The listing fee is €45.
  • The Buyer pays a 5% buyer's fee on the winning bid amount.
  • The shipping is paid by the Seller.
  • There are no additional fees to sell a watch.

Disclaimer: Audemars Club acts solely as a mediary between the Parties, and does not take responsibility for any disputes or legal issues between the Parties related to the Purchase Agreement. Hence, all responsibilities to fulfill the agreement lies on the Parties.